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Anfim SP11 Coffee Grinder - Cleaning & Maintenance

Proper cleaning and maintenance for all your coffee equipment is essential in minimizing breakdowns and also to ensure enable a high standard of coffee service. In this video we show you how to take good care of your Anfim SP11 coffee grinder.The Anfim SP11 is a very good grinder and has become our preferred weapon of choice across the cafes we serve in our wholesale network. Much of what we demonstrate in this video is applicable to most coffee grinders and should be practiced on a regular basis.

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ANFIM's espresso grinders for households and espresso bars are the expression of both, our technical expertise and our love for the espresso and its preparation. Our product portfolio provides espresso grinders for any set of requirements, ranging from the lowest up to the highest daily workloads. We meet even the most specific demands of any quality aware barista with a set of additionally available functionalities, like the stepless grind adjustment or the active cooling system. Our approved ANFIM dosers are considered to be the best on the market. Even under the highest everyday stress at a heavily frequented café, an ANFIM doser will always work reliably. And for those customers who value freshly ground coffee beans, we do also offer our “grind-on-demand” models. Within our range of espresso grinders, we combine our technical know-how and our passion for Italian espresso tradition with a great value for money. ANFIM espresso grinders are working directly at “the heart of a good coffee”.
We are situated directly at the pulse of the Italian espresso culture in Milan. The many neighbouring cafés and the passionate baristi who work here, have been our appreciated source of inspiration for many years.

Anfim PRATICA | Burrs exchange

The instructions shown in this video are meant to support qualified technicians and trained staff, only. Only parts that comply with the original appliance specification may be used for repairs. Mistakes in opening or assembling the machine may cause injuries and/or damages and malfunctions.
If the machine gets opened by an un-authorized person, the manufacturer’s liability and warranty expire.

Die in diesem Video dargestellte Anleitung richtet sich ausschließlich an qualifizierte Techniker und geschultes Fachpersonal. Fehler beim Öffnen oder Montieren der Maschine können zu Verletzungen und/oder Beschädigungen und Fehlfunktionen führen. Bei Reparaturen dürfen nur Teile verwendet werden, die den ursprünglichen Gerätedaten entsprechen.

Mit dem Öffnen der Maschine durch eine nicht autorisierte Person, erlöschen die Haftungs- und Garantieansprüche gegenüber dem Hersteller.

ANFIM S.r.l.
Via B.Verro, 33/5
20141 Milano Italy
Tel. (+39) 02 8465054
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