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Binary VLE calculations part 7: using the NRTL activity model for non-ideal systems

Screencast showing equations to calculate VLE for non-ideal systems and how to implement them in Excel. Uses the NRTL (non-random two-liquid) activity model. Includes plots of x-y data and comparison with literature values. System used to demonstrate model is phenol/water.
Presented by Dr Daniel Belton, University Teaching Fellow, University of Huddersfield.
A partially completed version of the spreadsheet used in this video can be downloaded at:
Paulina Paz Lagos Medina : Hello, your videos are very helpful. I'm just doing a work, that is about the same thing. I have a doubt, the "g" you calculate using the enthalpy of vaporization? or Did you get them from a handbook?
ilham abala : Can we find this spreadsheet online?
Tanja Bune : its excellent, thanks
Andrea del Carmen Villalobos Melendez : Hi, a little cuestion, where do you find the T ? Thanks
THUBELIHLE SIBANDA : How do we calculate the binary interaction parameters

03 NRTL Listing은 무엇인가

NRTL Listing에 대해서 살펴 봅니다.
- NRTL이란?
- 미국 인증을 NRTL Listing이라고 부르는 이유
- NRTL Listing이 비싼 이유
- NRTL Listing이 미국 수출에 필수가 된 이유
- UL인증이라는 표현에 대해
- 어떤 인증기관을 선택해야 할까?
- NRTL Listing 절차

2 Fresh Touch - Dylan Hennessey at NRTL 2018

Highlights of the very talented Dylan Hennessey at the Northern Rivers Touch League 'Battle of the Border 2018' touch competition held at Tweed Heads NSW.




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